Monday, February 15, 2010

After a rough combination of winter weather, computer viruses, and stomach viruses, we are finally back with the number 3 team! Sorry for the delay people.

The Philadelphia Phillies

  • The addition of 2003 AL Cy Young award winner Roy Halladay was perhaps the biggest acquisition by any team this offseason. Halladay is arguably the best pitcher in the game, and the change from the AL to the NL should make his numbers even better. However the loss of 2008 AL Cy Young award winner Cliff Lee makes this move a little less spectacular. Halladay over Lee however is still an upgrade in my opinion.
  • The addition of former Tampa Bay Rays closer Danys Baez is one that I think many people overlook. The Phillies biggest weakness is their pen, and this move helps solidify it. Baez had a rough past two years in Baltimore, but in 2005 he had 41 saves for the Rays. Expect Baez to have a good year in the NL. He will start the season in the set up role, but will pose as a threat to closer Brad Lidge, if he struggles.
Roy Halladay's move to the NL could help improve his already stellar numbers. Halladay's ERA has been under 3 the past two seasons.

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