Monday, February 8, 2010

Welcome back to MLBlog. Two days ago we began our list of the top 3 teams to improve this offseason. Today we continue that list with number 2:

2. The Boston Red Sox - After finishing 2nd in the AL East standings last season (behind arch nemeses New York Yankees) , and after being eliminated from the postseason with a disappointing and somewhat shocking sweep in the ALDS at the hands of the Angels, the Bosox had a few areas they needed to address this offseason to be considered championship contenders. In my opinion they did just that.

  • The addition of John Lackey bolsters an already stacked starting rotation. The addition gives the Red Sox one of the, if not THE best rotation's in baseball.
  • The addition of defensive guru's Mike Cameron and Adrian Beltre are in my opinion two of the best moves that nobody is talking about. Ok, so maybe some people are saying Cameron and Beltre to the Sox were good signings, but I'm going to take it a step further and call them GREAT signings. This is an era where fans are drawn towards great hitting while overlooking the importance of solid defense, but it is my opinion that great pitching as well as great pitching are what win championships.
  • The addition of Mike Cameron and Adrian Beltre will serve to be huge... No, this is not a typo. I did not accidentally just bring up the same two players, I did it intentionally to bring up a point. Whenever Cameron or beltre are named we are reminded of their stellar defense, and while they each are 2 time gold glovers, they aren't shabby hitters either. Cameron has hit 20 or more homeruns in 5 of the past 6 years, coming in with 24 last season. Beltre also has some pop. He has hit 20 or more homers 7 times in his career, including a career high 48 in 2004. While it is unrealistic that he will reach those numbers again, the move to Fenway should mark a rise in his offensive numbers.
  • The addition of Marco Scutaro is one that many people tend to overlook. while his number are not eye popping, Scutaro is a solid shortstop who has room for growth, and will definitely put up better numbers than last year's shortstop by committee.
  • Finally the addition of Jeremy Hermida and Bill Hall add great depth to the Sox bench

John Lackey, who threw 7.1 shutout innings against the Red Sox in the 2009 ALDS, will now look to help lead them to a championship.

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