Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ok, so far I have been terrible about consistency in the timing of my posts, but i swear I'll get there one day. Its been a while since my last post, so lets not waste any more time and jump back into my preseason predictions. Today, the AL Central. Let's again start off by looking at last years standings.

Minnesota 87 76

Detroit 86 77

Chicago 79 83

Cleveland 65 97

Kansas City 65 97

  • I expect the Twins to successfully defend their title, however it will again be a tight race.The twins really had no key losses this off-season, but they also have made no major improvements. I think they will improve a bit as I really like their young pitching staff. But with young pitching comes inconsistency. With that being said I expect them to remaiu around the 87-90 win plateau.
  • The Tigers, in my opinion, are a team that has potential to have either a huge season, or a mediocre one. I feel that a big part of their success will lie in the hands of young righty Max Sherzer. While Scherzer's numbers aren't eye popping I really like his stuff, If he can have a big season the Tigers are a team worth watching out for.
  • Chicago is a team that has been very busy this off season. The team has made some key acquisitions, but has also faced some key losses. While i think overall their team may have improved, I do not think we will necessarily see those improvements as quickly as this season.
  • The only change i expect this season is for the Royals to jump above the Indians. I expect the Royals to make significant improvement. winning close to 75 games this year, but it will take a while before the Royals will be contenders.
  • As for the Indians, they just stink. There is really no other way to put it.

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