Tuesday, February 16, 2010

With pitchers and catchers report as early as TOMORROW for some teams, we have a lot to cover. Now that we have gone through who has had the best offseasons it is time for me to do my season predictions starting with the AL EAST. Here's how things ended last year:

y–New York10359


Tampa Bay8478



** y = won division w = won wild card.

However I expect a few changes. While I truly believe the Red Sox have a better team than the Yankees some people may say it is me being biased, (Yes folks, I am a Red Sox fan), with that being said I still see the Yankees finding a way to win the division, but not by much. They should stay consistent with a season somewhere from 98-110 wins. I see the Red Sox behind them by only about 2 games, as this season will come down to the wire, with the Sox falling just short. The Sox will win the Wild Card however, and with that pitching staff of theirs could be headed to the World Series.The Rays too should stay about the same winning somewhere between 80-85 games. I see the Orioles making a big jump here to around the 80 win plateau. They made some good offseason moves, and while as inconstant as they may be, they potential have a pretty good pitching staff. Expect a jump of around 10 games as i see them as a 75-80 win club.As for the Blue Jays, They might as well never leave the golf links. I see this as a lost season for them, actually i see it as a lost couple of seasons. Expect the Jays to be cellar dwellers for quite some time.

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